Deciphering GA4, Matomo, and Piwik Pro: Which Is Right For You?

In the ever-changing landscape of digital analytics, selecting the perfect platform can significantly impact your online ventures. Three dominant platforms in this arena are Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Matomo (formerly Piwik), and Piwik Pro. To understand their differences and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, let's delve deeper.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)


  • Event-Based Tracking: GA4 focuses on event-based analytics, providing an in-depth view of user actions.

  • Machine Learning Integration: GA4 leverages machine learning to anticipate future user behaviors, offering insights into potential revenue from specific user segments.

  • Free Usage: For small to medium businesses, GA4’s basic version is free.

  • Google Ads Integration: Smooth integration ensures enhanced ad tracking and optimization.


  • Learning Challenges: For those familiar with Universal Analytics, transitioning to GA4 might be a bit of a hurdle.

  • Redesigned Interface: Some users believe the GA4 interface lacks the intuitiveness of its predecessor.

Matomo (Previously Known as Piwik)


  • Open Source: Matomo’s open-source nature guarantees exceptional customization and flexibility.

  • Full Data Ownership: Matomo ensures you possess and control all your analytics data.

  • Privacy First: Being GDPR compliant, Matomo emphasizes user data privacy.


  • Beginner's Challenge: Matomo's interface and functionalities can appear daunting to newcomers.

  • User-Driven Updates: The onus of updates and maintenance falls upon the user due to its open-source nature.

Piwik Pro


  • Enterprise-Caliber Features: Piwik Pro is equipped with advanced analytics, tag management, and content personalization tailored for businesses.

  • Privacy Compliance: Piwik Pro, similar to Matomo, complies with GDPR, prioritizing data privacy.

  • On-Premise Hosting: Piwik Pro allows for hosting on your servers, ensuring an additional layer of data safety.


  • Price Point: Unlike Matomo's free version and GA4, Piwik Pro carries a cost, potentially limiting its appeal for smaller businesses.

  • Setup Intricacies: The multitude of features demands a steeper learning curve, especially for those unacquainted with analytics tools.

The Verdict:

The right choice among GA4, Matomo, and Piwik Pro depends on your distinct requirements. For those who emphasize data privacy and complete ownership, Matomo stands out. Businesses in search of advanced solutions may lean towards Piwik Pro. And if you're scouting for sophisticated event tracking with Google Ads integration, GA4 could be your answer. If you're still unsure, our team at nvrmind is here to guide you in selecting the ideal analytics platform tailored to your company's needs.

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